Critique Group Workshops

WSO will provide up to fifty percent (50%) of the costs but not to exceed $500 for one workshop per year to any critique group in Oregon whose membership includes at least two WSO members, muster eight participants and hire a WSO member/instructor or an approved instructor from outside the organization. WSO Educational Endowment funds will be used to help offset some or all of the facility and instructor fees. Request new application from

Click here to download a form for applying for a workshop.

Create a WSO Critique Group Workshop in Your Community!

2013.crworkshop2Guidelines for Creating a Workshop

  1. Select the WSO member who will be the Workshop Coordinator. This person will be responsible for the planning, and report to the WSO Education Chair. If you are the only WSO member in your area, contact a member near you to plan an event together.
  2. Now determine what your critique group wants to learn and investigate. Consider techniques, materials and the standard art concerns of composition, form, mass, line, value and color.
  3. Figure out the best possible length of the workshop for your participants. Anywhere from a half day up to five days are the norm, and may be held week days or weekends.
  4. Find an instructor. Check with the Education Chair if you need help with this. WSO Education maintains a current data base of instructors that includes subjects taught, availability, fees etc.
  5. Find a location. Your instructor may have ideas if they have taught in your area. Local art centers and many churches have an area with work tables and a sink. They usually will accept a donation rather than charge a fee for the use of the room.
  6. Determine the amount to be collected per participant in advance of the workshop. Also determine whether there will be a refund if someone drops out, and if there will have to be a replacement to meet the minimum number of participants required for WSO funds to be dispersed.
  7. Finalize your workshop budget before completing the application. Suggested ways to cut costs are: WSO member could host instructor in their home rather than in hotel; participants provide meals and snacks for instructor.
  8. The Workshop Coordinator will then submit the application to the Education Chair for final approval. Notification will be sent by email. A check will be mailed to the Workshop Coordinator. Allow at least three weeks to receive funds. Send to Geoff McCormack, Education Chair: or mail to 146 Mackin Ave. Eugene OR 97404.
  9. At the conclusion of workshop, the Workshop Coordinator will submit to the Education Chair:
    1. The final accounting of the workshop expenditures and an evaluation of the workshop by the participants and instructor (forms available prior to the end of the workshop).
    2. If funds were collected in excess of expenses, please submit a check which will be returned to the WSO Educational Endowment Fund.
    3. Arrange for one participant to write a short article for the next issue of the Watermark. Email the article and photos to the Watermark editor ( and Edu. Chair (

Critique Group Workshop Forms