Guide to Entering a WSO Show

While WSO volunteers strive to make the entry process easy and consistent, artists have a lot to do with how smoothly the process goes. Here are some simple steps (and articles) to ensure your submission is received, has the best chance of being juried in, and actually makes it to the show.

Step 1: Exhibition entry is for WSO active members only. If you aren’t a member, please take care of that here.

Step 2: Read the Prospectus. It will provide you with instructions for preparing your image and the show calendar. Painting requirements are different for the Spring and Fall shows.

Step 3: Understand your painting’s eligibility. Show Eligibility includes conditions and requirements that may exclude your painting from this show.

Step 4: Review the image requirements. If you need help with preparation of your image, see the Image Preparation instructions.

  • Images must be 1200 pixels on the longest side.
  • Images must be named in the following manner: LastnameFirstName-GoneWithTheWind.jpg
  • For the filenames of your images, please only use the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, the numerals 0-9, the dash (‘-‘) character, and the period before the ‘jpg’ extension.  Please do not use any other punctuation or special characters.

Step 5: Know your image sizes, matted sizes, and painted surface type. Use the size to the nearest quarter inch.

Step 6: Decide on a price for your painting and have it ready to fill in.

Step 7: Review the requirements for Painting Check-In. Remember, actual paintings must EXACTLY match your submitted image or you risk your painting being rejected from the exhibition, even if the juror chooses it.

Step 8: Go to the Online Entry Form.

If you have problem, please contact one of the Help Volunteers listed in the Prospectus.