Prospectus – Fall 2022

2022 Fall Watercolor Exhibition Prospectus

Online Entries Open: June 1, 2022

Online Entries Close: 8:00pm on August 1, 2022

Entry Instructions and Rules

Artwork Requirements

  1. You must be an Active WSO member, residing in Oregon, with 2022 dues paid to enter. (Note: To renew your membership, go to our membership page.)
  2. A maximum of two images may be submitted.
  3. All selected paintings shall be by a different WSO member.
  4. Work shall be completed within two years of the submission deadline.
  5. Work may be critiqued by a teacher and/or a critique group.
  6. All work must be original in its concept, composition and design, and must be the creation of the artist.
  7. The painting has not previously been juried into any WSO exhibition.
  8. Work shall be executed without step-by-step instruction.
  9. Artwork may not be altered once the image is submitted, except for adding the artist’s signature.
  10. Artwork must match the submitted image exactly.

Presentation and Framing

  1. Single or double mats in white or off-white only are acceptable, but optional.
  2. Frames must be matte black metal with a maximum depth of 2”.
  3. Framed pieces must have a minimum outside dimension of 256 square inches and a maximum outside dimension of 1200 square inches.
  4. Paintings must be covered with Plexiglas (acrylic), not with glass.

Mediums and Substrates

  1. The Fall Watercolor Exhibit is open to watermedia that can be reactivated by water.
  2. Watermedia shall consist of paintings that are predominantly watercolor.
  3. Work must be on a single piece of untreated paper; plastic paper such as Yupo and Tyvek are not allowed.
  4. Acrylic, gesso, pastel, collage, ink, embossing, varnished works, and canvas supports are not accepted.


  1. All accepted paintings must be available and delivered to the convention exhibition.
  2. Artists who do not make an accepted painting available for the exhibit will not be allowed to enter WSO exhibitions for two years.

How to Enter

  1. RESIZE your image to 1200 pixels on the longest side and at 300 dpi.
  2. RENAME your image as follows (example) SmithMary-GoneWithTheWind.jpg Note: No special characters can be used in the file name when submitting the images.
  3. Submit entries on the WSO website:; click on “Shows and Exhibitions.”

Need Help with your online entry?


PC: volunteer needed

Mac: Charlotte Peterson at 541-840-0956