About the WSO 100 Club


The WSO 100 Club, Inc. was established as a non-profit foundation in 1984 to establish, grow and manage an Awards Endowment Fund. The vision was to advance water media art and artists in Oregon through public education and activities, and fund cash awards to winning artists at WSO conventions. In 1995 the 100 Club expanded its vision by voting to establish an Educational Endowment Fund. 

The WSO 100 Club has Officers and a Board of Directors who meet quarterly to manage two distinctly different funds. The goal of the Board is to fundraise, promote Patron membership and seek financial donations to grow the Award Endowment Fund and monitor the Portfolio investments and performance. Tax deductible contributions have enabled its growth and increased cash award amounts.

The Awards Fund

Awards in the early years consisted of cash amounts plus artist materials donated by businesses. With the commitment and dedication of the WSO 100 Club Boards, officers and volunteers over the years and the financial support from members and non-members alike, the 100 Club Awards Endowment has grown to where it can now fund all cash awards for both Spring and Fall Conventions. By combining fund dividends and interest from the Awards Endowment Fund, additional donations in the form of cash from our members, critique groups, friends and businesses in the community and by fund raising, we have been able to protect the bulk of the fund principal.  It is our intent to continue to grow the fund principal for future generations. Because our budget formula is designed to draw funds from earnings while preserving fund equity, the money you invest today will continue to grow in the fund in perpetuity!

The WSO 100 Club is a non-profit organization formed under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so all donations (for awards or education) are fully tax deductible.

If you are already a WSO 100 Club Patron, you are encouraged to donate again–perhaps in the name of a parent, child, grandchild, friend, art teacher, or a significant person in your life! Or just because you like to continue to support Awards and education for artists.

We would be honored to have you become a part of our mission!

Donations to the Award Fund

A $100 donation to the Award Fund gives you PATRON status for life. All 100 Club Patrons are recognized at WSO conventions and on the patron webpage. Donate online or by mail, using the instructions on the WSO 100 donation page.  Another option is to look for the 100 Club table at any WSO convention; the table will have donation forms available.

Remember, a partial payment plan has been implemented that allows you to pay $50 toward becoming a patron and pay the remaining $50 at a later date to complete your patron status.

The Education Fund

The purpose of the 100 Club Education Endowment Fund is to fund educational activities and artist workshops within the state of Oregon. Donations provide educational opportunities for Oregon artists. With WSO Education Director approval, this Fund grants money to WSO critique groups who wish to hire a qualified water media artist to teach a workshop. Four grants are available each year (up to $500 each) and all workshops are open to the community at large.

Donations to the Education Fund

If you wish to donate to this fund, please use the instructions on the WSO 100 donation page.