WSO Outstanding Service Awards

Each year WSO presents the Outstanding Service Award to a person who, over the years, has contributed so much to making WSO what it is today. Nominations can be submitted by any WSO member to the Past President and are then voted on by the volunteer nominating committee. The selected member is presented with the Outstanding Service Award plaque and Lifetime membership at the Convention Banquet.

Recipients of the Outstanding Service Award

2022Barb Sulek
2021Tara Choate
2020Beth Verheyden
2019Linda Rothchild Ollis
2018Suzi Blaisdell
2017Kathy Tiger
2016Mark Finlayson
2015Margaret Godfrey
2014Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass
2013Lavonne Tarbox Crone
2012Rob Robinson
2011Garve Beckham
2010Kara Pilcher
2009Linda Nye
2008Ruth Armitage
2007Jayne Ferlitsch
2006Paul Bourgault
2005Margaret Neerhout
2004Janet Holt
2003Wynn Pedersen
2002Dodie Hamilton
2001Irene Fields
2000Ray Zandonatti
1999Susan McKinnon
1998Barbara Janes
1997Gloria Heisley Webber
1996Gerry Hart
1995Muriel Pallay
1994Chris Keylock Williams
1993Tom Allen
1992Dee Frank
1991Carolyn Orum
1990Mae Cronant