Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. The Board of Directors is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate Past President, and six Members-At-Large who are elected by the Voting Members. The term of office for President and Vice President is one year. All other elected Board members hold office for a term of two years. A board member may be reelected without limitation on the number of terms she/he may serve. The Board is elected by the members at the annual Fall membership meeting.

Executive Officers

President: Rebecca Sentgeorge
Vice President/President Elect/Public Relations: Mary Holt
Treasurer: Nancy Fraser
Secretary: Amanda James
Past President/Volunteer Coordinator: Winnie Givot



Membership Director: Jan Premo
Membership Dues, Mailings and Roster: Jan Premo
New Members: Open
Mentor Program Chair: Open


Administration Director: Barb Sulek
Historian: Peg Patterson
DVD Library: Rayanne Edwards
Logo Merchandise: Open


Publications Director: Elizabeth Zimmerman
Watermark Co-Editors: Leslie Dugas, Karen Kreamer
Watermark – Digital: Elizabeth Zimmerman
Webmaster: Dan Perich
Website Liaison: Carol Putnam
Exhibition Catalogs: Paul Bourgault
Advertising Chair: Lynn Baumgardner
Facebook Kristie Mooney
Email Communications: Lynn Baumgardner


Conventions Director: Linda Burgel
Show Juror Liaison: Chris Helton, Kathleen Buck
Online Painting Submissions: Chris Helton, Kathleen Buck
Convention Online Registration: Barb Sulek
Team Lead: Kara Pilcher
Hospitality Team:
Convention Vendors: Jean Dupre
Convention Chairs:
Spring 2023 Convention (Bend) Mary Jo Vranizan
Fall 2023 Convention (Salem) Michelle Myers


Awards Director: Beth Verheyden
Show Awards: Donna Bekooy
Merit Awards: Becky Meier

WSO 100 Club

WSO 100 Club President and Liaison: Kathleen Riopelle


Education Director: Beverly Haynes
Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS)
WFWS Delegate: Chris Stubbs
WFWS Alternate: Robin Becic
Regional Critique Groups: Beverly Haynes
Menucha Liaison: Chris Stubbs