It is our sincere pleasure to inform you that your submission is among the 80 selected by our juror, Iain Stewart, to be included in the WSO Spring 2021 Fall Show. Our juror selected from 199 paintings submitted by 123 artists.

First Name

Last Name

Painting Title

Mark Adcock After the Storm
Jenny Armitage Night Plant
Dominique Bachelet Inferno
Sally Bills Bailey Desert Solitude
Bill Baily An Apple a Day
Jeannette Baker Cherry Blossoms
Betty Barss Partners II
Robin Becic Chinatown Memories
Linda Boutacoff Light in the Forest
Sarah Bouwsma Blue Shadows
John Bradley Play in the Spray
Helen Brown Thank a Teacher
Leslie Cheney-Parr Survivors – Spring Flood
Tara Choate OSIFS
Cathy Cramer Salt Creek in Death Valley
Kathryn Damon-Dawson Exquisite Focus
Evelyn Delgado Catch Me if You Can
Leslie Dugas Oceanside Mosaic
Patty Duncan Shadow Play
Maud Durland Wine Maker’s Home
Rene Eisenbart Nut Buster
Mary Elle Brooke
Joneile Emery Getting Along Swimmingly
Susan Escobar Summer Art Sale
Airi Foote Ascending
Winnie Givot Uncertain
Margaret Godfrey Egrets à la Art Nouveau
Angela Grainger Wetland Escape
Elizabeth Haberman Voices of Hope
Susan Hartson Memories
Christine Helton House of Sticks
Dianne Hicks Ladybug and the Bowl
Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass Napali Wave Curl
Judy Hoiness Loss Of Habitat, Loss Of Birds
Nancy Holzhauser Mountain Poetry
Marjorie Johnson Spring Splendor
Matt Johnson Dawn at Eagle Point Road
Yvonne Knoll The Big Pit
Ed Labadie Monuments Rising
Dianne Lay Lightning Rock
Sam Livingston Once Proud
Debbie Loyd Moonlight Magnolias
Kathie McEvers Gorgeous
Britt McNamee Summer Joy
Tracy Moad Storm’s A-Brewin’
Kristie Mooney Shanty in Paradise
Bonnie Moore Jubilee
Marcia Morrow Cattails
Diana Nadal Breakaway Hammering the Curve
Jacqueline Newbold Jewels of Summer
Judy Nigh Date Night
JoAnn Pari-Mueller Migration I
Sandra Pearce Cooling Off
Charlotte Peterson On the Rocks
Cindy Pitts Still Water Sunset
Mila Raphael Fruit Seller
Hazel Reeves Goat and Friend.jpg
Patricia Renner Goth Girls
Charles Roehrich Upstream From the Heron
Steve Rotherrt Remembering Hokkaido
Wayne Ruby The Path Less Traveled
Elizabeth Schilling Paradise
Rebecca Sentgeorge Flight
Linda Shelton Time Weaver
Kim E Smith I Heart Herons
Ginny Stevens Ibis Over Victoria Falls
Chris Stubbs Sheer Bliss
Sandra Takabayashi Gliding Over Glistening Fields
Betty Taylor Waiting
Victoria Tierney Eternity Is Now, So Relax
Kathy Tiger You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine
Bergen Todd Ashes to Ashes
Cindy Triplett Waterfall Magic
Beth Verheyden Pinnacle
Liz Walker Determination II
Harold Walkup Tangled Up
Alisha Whitman Dripping With Life
Elizabeth Zimmerman Spirit of the West

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How to Prepare Your Painting for WSO Competitions

Fall 2021 WSO Entry Label

Gallery Contract (Fall 2021)

2021 WSO Fall Accepted artists

Important Dates

September 28-29 (Tuesday and Wednesday): Shipped paintings must arrive by Wednesday, September 29 to be included in the exhibition.

September 30 (Thursday): Painting check-in: 10 AM-2 PM. Hand deliver to: Elsinore Gallery, 444 Ferry St. SE, Salem, 97301

Because of COVID protocols, you will need to sign up for a time spot to drop off your painting. Find the Google doc here.

October 1- October 30 Exhibition hangs at Elsinore Gallery

October 30 (Saturday) PAINTING PICK UP 10 AM to 2 PM. Elsinore Gallery, 444 Ferry St. SE, Salem, 97301