WSO 100 Club, Inc.

WSO established a non-profit foundation, the WSO 100 Club, Inc., in 1984. Interest from this fund is used for awards and education. The 100 Club guarantees a certain amount of money for each exhibition. In order to encourage wider participation from the Active membership, WSO tries to provide approximately $5000 in awards in each competition. The balance is made up of additional donations in the form of cash or gift certificates from our members, friends, and businesses in the community. To make a tax-deductible donation to the 100 Club, please contact Awards Chair, Geoffrey McCormack, or download this form.

WSO100Club, Inc.

We are very fortunate and proud that the WSO100Club, Inc. continues to be the backbone of our show awards. Since its establishment in 1984, our Endowment Fund has allowed the WSO to honor its prize-winners with something more than a ribbon.

Dutifully managed for well over 30 years by Chris Keylock Williams’ husband Jim, the WSO100Club

Endowment Fund has substantially grown, safeguarding Education and Award monies for a long time to come. Starting with the Spring 2015 Convention in Newport, the WSO100Club can now provide an extra $500 for award money, for an impressive total of $2,500 per show (if needed).

So where does the money come from, you may ask?

The WSO100Club Endowment Fund consists of two distinctly different funds: the Education Fund and the Awards Fund.

  • The money in the Education Fund is provided by the WSO and a few other sources. After WSO Board approval, any amount from this fund can be given out for workshops, seminars, etc. (Newly designed Funding Request forms can be found on the WSO website under the tab “Forms”.)
  • The money in the Awards Fund is provided by a variety of donations from fellow artists and many other benefactors. This fund is basically self-propelling; only the generated INTEREST is used for awards, leaving the principal intact at all times.

For only $100 you can contribute and become a WSO100Club Patron for life! You will be recognized at all of our shows, while your name will be listed in our Awards catalogues. And if you are already a WSO100Club member, you can consider donating again, maybe this time in the name of a grandchild, parent, or an art teacher. As the WSO100Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization, formed under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, all donations are fully tax-deductible.

So, may we count on you to become part of this great tradition?

Geoffrey McCormack