Supply Lists

Supply lists for the 2023 Fall Convention breakout sessions and Juror’s Workshop

Please check back for the supply lists for other breakout sessions!

Notes for all sessions:

  • Instructors will E-mail any supply list updates directly to registered students.

Juror’s Workshop, Chasing Wonder, by Trish McKinney

Here is the supply list for the Juror’s Workshop.

Paint-Out: The Urban Sketcher – Leslie Cheney-Parr

  • Basic sketching equipment (pencils, pen, sketchbook, any water if you will be painting or using w/c pencils, brushes, and all that equipment)
  • A folding chair or stool
  • A hat
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Appropriate clothing.
  • Your cell phone or camera if you would like to capture the moment

Just Three Pigments – Winnie Givot

  • Pigments:
    • Quinacridone Gold or Transparent Gold Deep (both by Winsor Newton)
    • Winsor Blue-Red Shade (Phthalo Blue-Red Shade in other brands)
    • Carmine by Holbein. Alizarin Crimson is similar.
    • Alternates: Others that Winnie likes for triads are Transparent Yellow by Winsor Newton, Quinacridone Pink by Daniel Smith and an Ultramarine Blue. You can substitute any of these for any of the above red, yellow, blue, though the Ultramarine Blue will give you grayed down greens.
  • Studio palette, ideally The Original John Pike Palette (not the Big Well)
  • Paper: A watercolor journal made with good 140# cold press paper or a couple 1/8 or 1/4 sheets 140# cold press paper and a board with 4 clips to hold paper.
  • Brushes: Rounds or flats in medium sizes (#10 & #12 rounds, 1/2 flats or whatever you like)
  • Pens: Sharpie Ultrafine marker and a regular pen
  • 2 pint water containers
  • Rag (terry hand towels are great)
  • Tissues

The Fascinating Journey of Watercolor Paper: From Pulp to Masterpiece! – Sally Borg

  • 1 watercolor brush of your choice for testing colors
  • 1 scrubber brush
  • 2-3 colors, preferably:
  • 1 staining
  • 1 non-staining
  • 1 granulating

Using Art to Bring Order Out of Chaos – Gary Snavely

If you are going to participate bring some cheap paper maybe 11×17 or so, and some kind of inexpensive primary colors. And of course, a brush or sponge and a water container, paper towels etc.

Atmosphere in Watercolor – Sandra Pearce

  • Watercolor paper: Arches 140lb Cold Press, 1/8 sheet size will do (7.5×11.) Handle with care like a Faberge egg. Bruised paper will make dark marks in your painting. Wash Hands before handling. (Do not be talked into a cheaper or student grade paper.)
  • Gator board, cardboard, any board to support the paper while painting. (It may be set up at a slight angle.)
  • Brushes: The best you can afford. Natural hair work best for watercolor, or find the softest synthetics. Cheap Joe’s has some. Larger is better, no less than size 8 round that comes to a point when wet.
  • Paints: Professional grade, not student grade. (Student paints have lots of filler and colors are not as bright.)
    • Have at least 3 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Or have 2 reds, 2 yellows, 2 blues from the lists below. *Colors will likely be used in this workshop.
      • Cobalt Blue*
      • Cerulean Blue*
      • Yellow Ochre*
      • Hansa Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light*
      • Permanent Alizarin Crimson*
      • Cadmium Red Light*
      • Chinese White* (for mixes, semi transparent)
    • Additional optional colors if you would like:
      • Ultramarine Blue (or UB Deep)
      • Cobalt Turquoise Light
      • Permanent Rose or Magenta Quinacridone Gold
      • Cadmium Yellow Pale or Lemon Yellow Cadmium Orange
      • Burnt Siena Sepia
      • Titanium white (opaque highlights)
  • Viva Paper Towels (Has NO 3D quilt pattern)
  • 2 water containers (large and small)
  • #2 or 4 pencil
  • Kneaded eraser

More Heart in Your Art – Judy Morris

Bring your favorite watercolor paper and some simple paints. Judy will bring everything else!