Supply Lists

Supply lists for the 2023 Spring Convention break-out sessions and Juror’s Workshop

Juror’s Workshop by Vera Dickerson

Materials to bring

  • Watercolor paper: 1 or 2 full sheets, Arches 140 lb. white cold press or Strathmore Aquarius II 80 lb.
  • 1 or 2 stretched canvases ranging in size from 12”x12” to 16”x20” 

Paints and supplies to bring

  • Your choice of acrylics + assorted inexpensive craft acrylics.  Ceramcoat or Martha Stewart are best, in favorite colors and lots of white and cream colors. Heavy body paints are needed to stencil patterns.
  • Acrylic gloss or satin gel (one pint)
  • Small amount of black gesso and white gesso..6 oz.
  • 2 feet or so of heavy aluminum foil
  • Brushes: Bring what you have – flat and round, also 1/2” One Stroke flat synthetic
  • Good quality foam roller – house painting type – approximately 8” wide, can be found at Lowes or similar hardware stores
  • Board to support watercolor paper – foam core is good
  • 2” wide masking tape, scissors, cosmetic sponges
  • Disposable palette or freezer paper
  • Assortment of geometric patterned stencils, both plastic and card stock, rubber stamps – Vera will share hers with you
  • Sketch book, pencils
  • Deli paper – comes in 500 sheet box, 12 x 12 size…several can share this
  • Reference photos of your choice
  • Paper towels, water container, spray bottle
  • Rubbing alcohol – 90% strength if possible
  • Posca acrylic paint pens – small bullet tip in black, white, and a few other favorite colors

Workshop Schedule

  • Day 1: Morning demo and then students work on color/value series of collage papers through the afternoon.
  • Day 2: Morning demo using collage papers over a toned support, either watercolor paper or small canvases, incorporating the collage elements with acrylics and other painted patterns, as well as direct stenciling on the painting.
  • Day 3: Short critique of work in progress and demo of additional mark-making, adjusting value and adding quiet passages. Afternoon to paint.
  • Day 4: Demo using direct stenciling, black gesso transfer, white gesso patterning
  • Day 5: Demo-discussion: Finishing a painting, adding small accents, refining edges, work time and informal critique.