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WSO 2021 Spring Convention Goes Rogue!

April 9-11, 2021

by Susanne Mitchell and JoAnn Pari-Mueller, 2021 Spring Convention Co-chairs

What better way to celebrate our 2021 Spring Convention than to incorporate our spring “experimental” theme all the way? It will be a year since Covid-19 hit the scene. It’s ongoing presence continually encourages us to look for new, creative ways to enjoy our mutual passion for watercolor and learning.

The “unconventional” convention continues. We, along with the WSO leadership, have determined that the convention in April will need to be a virtual one in terms of breakout sessions and juror’s demo and workshop. The Spring Experimental Exhibition of 80 paintings, to be chosen by Ken and Stephanie Goldman, will be shown online and physically in a new location! This exciting downtown Portland space is inside the rustic-chic business called Urbanite, located at 1005 S.E. Grand Avenue, in Portland’s Eastside,  just across the Morrison Bridge. This location is bright and cheerful and will be a fun location to showcase our winning paintings.

As much as we all wish to meet in person for the convention, let us all be thankful that technology still allows us to enjoy our art from the safety of our own homes. When the time comes for us all to gather again, we will be proud of our resiliency and the new skills we have learned.

Breakout Sessions

In lieu of live breakout sessions, there will be a fabulous new pilot program of specially videotaped demonstrations by wonderful artists, sharing some of their special techniques and expertise in programs of 40 to 90-minute duration. There is an exceptionally reasonable introductory price of $10.00 each for these video sessions.  They will be available starting on Saturday, April 10, 2021, and will be accessible, at your leisure, for two weeks from that date. This means you will be able to sign up for as many of the breakout sessions as you want and not have to worry about them filling up too soon! No more excruciating decisions about which session to sign up for – you can enjoy them all at your own pace and chosen time! We encourage you to invite your non-member friends to participate in this wonderful opportunity. See the following page for more information on breakout sessions and Calendar of Events for sign-up dates.

The Jurors – Ken and Stephanie Goldman

Ken and Stephanie Goldman will judge the submissions, make their choice of 80 paintings, and then prepare a video to comment on their 20 award winning choices. That juror commentary video will be made available to all WSO members.

They are winners of many prestigious awards; their paintings are exhibited in countless exclusive galleries and invitational exhibitions worldwide.

We are truly fortunate to have these two brilliant artists with us for our virtual 2021 Spring Convention. Our Sunday afternoon Demo will offer you all the benefits of a physical convention experience in the safety and convenience of your own home.

Online Demonstration and Presentation by Jurors

On Sunday, April 11, the Goldmans will do a live Zoom demonstration for up to 100 WSO member enrollees, at the low cost of $10.00.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions via the Zoom “chat” feature.

On Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13, the jurors will provide a live Zoom workshop at the cost of $150.00 for WSO Active Members, Lifetime Members, and Subscriber Members. Enrollment will be limited to 30 people. See the mini workshop post for more information.

We hope that WSO’s 2021 virtual Spring Convention will inspire your future painting and that the Jurors’ Demo and Workshop will provide you with what you need to encourage your artistic growth.


Award Winners, Raffle Results, & More

It’s convention weekend, and while COVID-19 may have us a little more separated than normal, we are still a busy group.

We have prepared a list of videos that we hope you will enjoy. “Until then, keep painting! The Spring Convention is only a few months away!

The videos are scheduled to premiere at 5:15 pm on Saturday.

Raffle Results:

Lifetime Art Achievement ~ John Bradley:

Outstanding Service Award:

WSO Fall Awards (short version):

WSO Award Winners with commentary:

Fall 2020 Accepted Paintings

Congratulations to all who have been accepted into the WSO Fall show, juried by Kristi Grussendorf.

You can see a preview of the show by going to our You Tube channel.

  • Mark Adcock – Wetlands
  • Jenny Armitage – Empty Nest II
  • Ruth Armitage – Dizzy Eddy Out
  • Sally Bills Bailey – Branching Out
  • Bill Baily – Poire Jaune
  • Maria Berg – To What Future
  • Linda Boutacoff – Fall Journey
  • Sarah Bouwsma – Wave Action
  • John Bradley – After the Storm
  • Helen Brown – Mentors Matter
  • Mary Burgess – Rhapsody in Blue
  • Patrice Cameron – He Did What???
  • Leslie Cheney-Parr – Vienne Rhone Curve
  • Jennie Chen – Disco O’Hare
  • Tara Choate – The Escape
  • Cathy Cramer – Crystalline
  • Leslie Dugas – Dear Old Friend
  • Rene Eisenbart – Passages
  • Mary Elle – The Karaoke Singers-Lara
  • Susan Escobar – Down to the River
  • Alexandra Eyer – The Library Bench
  • Airi Foote – The Spirit No. 2
  • Jean Gale – Patchwork Paradise
  • Winnie Givot – Adriano
  • Margaret Godfrey – Teach Me: Ethiopia
  • Angela Grainger – Winter Into Spring
  • Vernon Groff – The Bull
  • Elizabeth Haberman – ‘Pin’demic
  • Kathleen Haney – Getting Ahead
  • Christine Helton – Song for Ireland
  • Dianne Hicks – Break Is Over
  • Judy Hoiness – Protect Oregon Rivers #40
  • Nancy Holzhauser – Following the Breath of Malheur Canyon
  • Eileen Holzman – Under the Bridge
  • Laura Hopper – Artichokes
  • David Howell – Grotto 26
  • Marjorie Kinch – Last Roundup II
  • Yvonne Knoll – Saturday Night in Morelia
  • Karen Kreamer – She Walks in Beauty
  • Ed Labadie – Frozen Moment
  • Doyle Leek – Olive Oil
  • Debbie Loyd – Hat’s Off
  • Steve Ludeman – Days End
  • Kathie McEvers – Fresh
  • Britt McNamee – Spring Fling
  • Phyllis Meyer – Under the Big Top – Acrobats
  • Emily Miller – High Tide at Harris Beach
  • Kristie Mooney – Water Lily
  • Marcia Morrow – ‘Bee’thoven in Bee Major
  • Judy Nigh – Night Watch
  • JoAnn Pari-Mueller – Proteus
  • Charlotte Peterson – Frogs From Amazon
  • Kara Pilcher – Learning the Steps
  • Hazel Reeves – Porcine Paradise
  • Patricia Renner – Sunshine Song
  • Mary Rollins – Western Grit
  • Steve Rothert – Hands Down
  • Marjett Schille – Slipping Into Darkness
  • Elizabeth Schilling – In Grandma’s Closet
  • Kim Smith – Red Tulip
  • Ron Spears – Lavender Vista
  • Susan Spears – Free Fall
  • Ginny Stevens – Late Spring Snow
  • Chris Stubbs – Modeling Day
  • Sandra Swanson – Evening Rocks
  • Sandra Takabayashi – Owl Dreams
  • Lynne Taylor – Heart of the Forest
  • Kathy Tiger – If Venus Had a Tattoo… ?
  • Anna Timm – Hawaiian Beauty
  • Bergen Todd – On the Luckiamute
  • Cindy Triplett – South Pacific Portals
  • Ted Vaught – Blue Creek Shells
  • Liz Walker – Out of the Darkness
  • Harold Walkup – Not So Still Waters
  • Rose West – Adjacent Impossibles
  • Dona White – Play Time
  • Jeanne Ann White – Aqua and Shell Pink
  • Alisha Whitman – Seeking Wisdom
  • Sandra Wood – Chrome of Fire III
  • Loisann Young – The Gossips

Please read the acceptance documents and instructions carefully

As you know, this is an “in-person” show, but strict social distancing protocols will be in place for painting check in on October 1, 2020 (Thursday.)

There will be four volunteers; 5 paintings will be received every 15 minutes. We will be adhering to social distancing and encourage face masks. Hand deliver to the Chehalem Cultural Center at 415 E Sheridan St., Newberg, Oregon 97132.

If you are transporting another artist’s painting please sign up for the appropriate number of consecutive timeslots. Be aware you may have to wait if all the timeslots chosen do not follow one another. Each painting must be unpacked in your car before bringing in for painting check in. There will be no unpacking of paintings in the facility.

Please sign up here for your delivery timeslot(s).

Mini Workshop & Paint Along with Juror, Kristi Grussendorf

Kristi Grussendorf, our Juror and Online Workshop Instructor is happy to provide a two day “Mini Workshop and Paint Along” for 30 WSO Members, utilizing Zoom technology. There will be a visual display over Kristi’s workspace along with her computer’s audio and camera, that will allow her to instruct and speak to workshop participants.

October 5 – 6 (Mon-Tues)
9:30 am-12:30 pm

Followed by a one-half hour critique session

Prior to the start of the workshop, Kristi will provide participants with a reference photo so that the artists can have their drawing completed in advance, which will ensure more painting time.


Workshop Day One:

Participants will review and practice the techniques which will be used during the workshop including: wet on wet, charging, dry brush, and calligraphy, to mention a few. Kristi will be using a limited palette; will discuss some color mixing theory; and demonstrate paint to water ratio. The first day will end with a value study of the subject matter.

Stages, Seasons

Workshop Day Two:

Kristi will execute the painting, step by step, breaking the painting down into manageable bites with time between each section for participants to follow.

Here is more exciting news! On both days there will be a Workshop Bonus! Kristi will critique one painting for each of the 30 participants, 15 paintings each day. This will occur after each workshop day, 12:30-1:00 pm. You will receive detailed instructions where to send your image jpg, along with other information.

Kristi is an active signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society, the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, the National Watercolor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society, and the American Watercolor Society. As a lifelong learner, her passionate relationship with watercolor continues to grow and change. Learn more about Kristi Grussendorf by visiting her website!

Utah Red Cliffs


Workshop: October 5 and 6, 9:30 am-12:30 pm followed by a one-half hour critique session.

Fee: $150 for current Active and Subscriber Members.

Register: Kristi Grussendorf’s Workshop If you would prefer to register manually, please contact Barb Sulek.

Location: The Workshop will be held conveniently online with Zoom access. Information will be emailed to all participants by the Host Facilitator including access code and specific Workshop information, following registration.

Class limits: 30 participants. Names beyond 30 participants may opt to be placed on a wait list. If there are any cancellations, the artists listed on the wait list will be notified in the order that they registered.

If the workshop is not filled by September 1, 2020 with current Active and Subscriber Members, the registration will open to non-members. Note: Non-members must register for Subscriber Membership and pay the $35 Subscriber fee in addition to the workshop fee, $185.00 total workshop registration fee.

Workshop Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be accepted prior to September 21, 2020 (14 full- days prior to the workshop). Refunds for cancellations will be made after September 21 only if the workshop fills and a replacement participant is found. Exceptions may be made in the event of serious illness, accident, or death in the family. All refunds less a $25 processing fee will be mailed or refunded via PayPal after the workshop.
(See WSO Policy II.D.2.Workshops, a-d, in your WSO Membership Roster Handbook).