Merit Awards

Each painting accepted into a juried WSO Show earns Merit Points. When a member has accumulated ten points, they receive the Bronze Award and Signature Status. After that, members will continue to accumulate points, working toward Silver, Gold, Plantinum, Diamond, and Celestial awards.

Level Merit Points
Celestial Award 100+ points
Comet Award 75-99 points
Diamond Award 50-74 points
Platinum Award 25-49 points
Gold Award 20-24 points
Silver Award 15-19 points
Bronze Award (and signature status) 10-14 points

Print a copy of the Merit Award Worksheet and keep track of your points. When you have earned 10 points, send the form to the Merit Award Chairperson. After you’ve tracked your first ten points, WSO will keep track of all future points.

Start now and keep a list of the WSO exhibitions you have been accepted in and the awards received. Even if you are a new member and are just beginning to enter shows, start now! It is surprising how quickly time passes. You will want to have that information!

Merit Awards receive recognition at conventions, and as you climb the levels, there are logo pins to be gained. For example, at 25 points, members will receive a beautiful silver pin and at 50 points, a gold pin.

How the Merit Award Point System Works

Through the fall 2008 show in Florence, artists received a total of five points for a Sweepstakes award, three points for 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and one point for paintings that got into the show but did not win an award. Beginning with the spring 2009, we changed the name of Sweepstakes to “Best of Show” and it still earned 5 points (we have dropped the name of 1st place.) Now, we will have special names for 2nd through 6th place followed by awards of Distinction. You will earn a total of four points for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th place award, a total of three points for all other award-winning paintings, and one point for paintings that got into a show but did not win an award.

WSO Merit Awards - As of 6/1/2023

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There are currently 4 names in this directory beginning with the letter K.
Karp, Nancy
Platinum - 26 points
Kinch, Marjorie
Gold - 23 points
Kreamer, Karen
Bronze - 14 points
Kropp, Helen
Bronze - 11 points

Points updated 6/1/2023.