Welcome to the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s Spring 2017 Aqueous Exhibition Online Entry.

Exhibition entry is for WSO active members only.

The Entry link below will take you to the entry page which now has the image and text entry all on the same page. If you have lost your prospectus, you can find it here:  WSO Spring 2017 Prospectus. The prospectus has all of the requirements which your painting and entry will need to meet for this exhibition. Please take a look at them.

If you need help with preparation of your image, see the Image Preparation Instructions. This article about checking in your painting may also help clarify the process.

If you do not have an email address to use with your entry, please contact one of the helpers at entryhelp@watercolorsocietyoforegon.com or Suzi Blaisdell at 503-668-4517 or Rob Robinson at 541-924-9339.

***When entering the prices for your paintings please do not use a decimal point – even dollars only. Thank you***

Online entry is closed.