Merit Awards

Each painting accepted into a juried WSO Fall or Spring Show is worth Merit Points. WSO members, earn Merit Award points in different values and when you have accumulated ten points, you receive special recognition. Download a copy of the Merit Award Point List or pick up a copy at the next show. Fill it out with a record of your points and send it in. We’ll keep track of your points from 10 points.

For information about Active (“Juried”) Membership, please visit Become a Member.

Through the fall 2008 show in Florence, artists received a total of five points for a Sweepstakes award, three points for 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and one point for paintings that got into the show but did not win an award.

Counting up the votes for the People's Choice award

Counting up the votes for the People’s Choice award

Beginning Spring ’09, we changed the name of Sweepstakes to “Best of Show” and it still earned 5 points (we have dropped the name of 1st place.) Now, we will have special names for 2nd through 6th place followed by awards of Distinction. You will earn a total of four points for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th place award, a total of three points for all other award winning paintings and one point for paintings that got into a show but did not win an award.

You receive recognition at conventions as you reach each level and beautiful WSO logo pins at 25 points (platinum level, a silver pin) and at 50 points (diamond level, a gold pin).

We would like to encourage everyone to start now and keep a list of the WSO exhibitions they have been in and the awards they have received. Even if you are a new member and are just beginning to enter shows, start now! It is surprising how quickly time passes and you will want to have that information. Just this year I have been asked at least three different times to “research” this information about different members, even if they never submitted or joined the Merit Award system.

Think positive and assume you will (eventually) be a huge success! Museums, galleries and books will be seeking your biographical information.


Merit Worksheet For Fall 2017

Celestial Award 100 or More Points:

157 Judy Hoiness

129 Chris Kelock Williams

114 Tom Allen

107 Harold Walkup

Comet Award 75-99 Points

97 Ted Vaught

95 Dee Frank

84 Judy Morris

Diamond Award 50-74

74 Levone Tarbox Crone

73 Murial Pallay

70 Delores Ribal

69 Linda Rothchild Ollis

66 John Maslen

65 Chris Stubbs

62 Margaret Neerhout

61 Susan McKinnon

57 Charlotte Peterson

55 Kara Pilcher

55 Ruth Armitage

53 Lane Hall

53 Sara Bouwama

52 Sally Bills Bailey

51 Doreen Lindstedt

Platinum Award 25-49 Points

 48 Kemper Rostad

46 Kim Smith

46 Leslie Cheney Parr

45 Charlene Brussat

45 Pat San Soucie

45 Patricia Schmidt

45 Phyllis Meyer

45 Bill Bailey

44 Kathy Tiger

43 Marlene Alexander

43 Sunny Smith

41 Sally Schwader

40 Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass

39 Mike Hill

38 Sue Bennet

38 Kris Preslan

37 Vicki Mintkeski

35 Janet Holt

33 Bernie Herr

33 Katherine Staat

33 Lynn Powers

31 Bruce Ulrich

31 Ellen Gabehart

 Platinum Award 25-49 Points

41 Geoffrey McCormack

33 John Bradley

33 Maud Durlund

33 Airi Foote

30 Mary Ellen Otten

30 Linda Boutacoff

30 Susan Spears

29 Dyanne Locati

29 Debbie Marble

28 Paul Scott

28 Judi Weigandt

28 Linda Terhark                                   ^

28 Lynne Taylor

28 Pat Renner

27 Irene Young

27 Helen Brown

27 Lois Larson

26 Nancy Karp

26 Lois Enman

25 Mark Finlayson

25 Dodie Hamilton

25 Carol Sands

Gold Awards 20-24 Points

24 Irene Fields

24 Cynthia Holloway

25 Margaret Godfrey 2018

25 Liz Walker 2018

23 Linda M. Miller

23 Jacque Brown

23 Evelyn Fritz

22 Maria Berg

22 Kathryn Damon-Dawson

21 Dick Van Voast

21 Wynn Pederson

21 Marjorie Kinch

21 Suzi Blaisdell

21 Joneile Emery

21 Doyle Leek

21 Mary Rollins

20 Carolee Clark

20 Fran Ross

22 Mila Raphael

20 Julie Shirley

 Silver Award 15-19 Points

20 Marjorie Johnson

18 Jeannine Miller

18  Kathryn Honey

18 Susan Greenbaum

18 Carol Barnett

18 Chris Helton

17 Barbara Eshoo

17 Blenda Tyvoll

17 Winnie Givot

16 Stephen O’Shea

16 Elizabeth Heinson

16 Ruth Hickok Schubert

16 Carol Putnam

16 Britt MacNamee

16 Anji Grainger

15 Linda Marie Miller

15 Jean B. Miller

15 Mae Heideman

15 Sandra Wood

 Bronze Award 10-14 Points

14 Pauline Cox

14 Marilyn Clouse

14 Carol Yates

14 Charlene Robinson

14 Elizabeth Doolittle

14 Katheleen Buck

14 Betty Sue Barss

14 Gina Locke

14 Victoria Tierney

13 Mary Burgess

13 Florence Simmons

13 Connie Cedergreen

13 Horst Wolf

13 Vinta Pappas

13 Linda Nye

13 Judy Nigh

13 Marilyn T O’Brien

13 Amanda James

13 Rene Eisenbart

13 Steve Rothert

12 Anna Mastellos Morris

12 Vicki Cooper

12 Kari Mais

12 Daneal Louise

12 Gerry Hart

12 Shirley Froyd

13 Marilyn T O’Brien

12 Hyon Fielding

12 Jenny Armitage

12Roxanne Williams

11 Alice Tetamore

11 Helen Kropp

11 Richard Quigley

11Margaret Stermer Cox

11 M Michele Thorp

10 Mary Ann Pauletto

10 Mary Calvin