Dust Bunnies for Dollars!


Your paintings for a $20 ‘Pick-n-pay’ type fundraiser at the WSO 2022 Fall Convention in Salem!

There will be a rack near the WSO 100 Club Silent Auction table for your painting donations. Look for our new fundraising banner!

WSO 100 is not asking for your failed paintings – nope, just those that weren’t quite 1st place winners!

So, look under your bed, in your closet or on your art room shelves and find some of those gems that have been forgotten. We’ll love them and so will others!

Here are the requirements:

– Sizes preferred:  Between 8”x10” to 16”x20”

– Matted or unmatted

– In a see-through sleeve

– Signed by artist

– Limit of 3 donations per artist

Delivery options:

Drop your paintings off at the WSO 100 Club Silent Auction table as you arrive at the convention. Look for our new fundraising banner!

Or . . . 

Send them with a friend if you’re not attending the convention. 

Or . . . 

Mail them to: Barb Hutchings, c/o WSO 100 Club Dust Bunnies, 60830 Taralon Place, Bend, OR 97702. Deadline for mailing is: September 16, 2022

The best part? 

Each painting sold will help fund the awards given to you – our winning artists!

Please help support this fundraising event with a simple art piece donation. 

Thank you!