Spring Show – Congrats

Congratulations to the 80 artists who were accepted into the 2021 Spring Experimental Exhibition. JurorsĀ Ken and Stephanie Goldman selected these paintings out of hundreds submitted.

The 80 paintings in the show will be on display from April 1 through May 4 (11am-3pm, M-Thursday) at:

Urbanite Furnishings
1005 SE Grand Ave, Portland Oregon
Online Reception: April 10, 2021 6 pm.

Thank you to all who entered and for supporting WSO.

First Name Last Name Painting Title
Mark Adcock Spring Birch
Mary Fran Anderson Galway Waterfront
Ruth Armitage November
Jennifer Armitage Looking Up St. Peters
Connie Athman Silent Landing
Sally Bills Bailey Looking Through
Bill Baily Tres Peras
Carol Barnett Gray Day
Betty Barss These Boots Were Made for Walking
Robin Becic Wrangling for Portland
Maria Berg Playing
Linda Boutacoff Ocean’s Edge
Sarah Bouwsma Hurricane Creek
John Bradley King Tide
Helen Brown Sleigh Team
Kathleen Buck Nightfall
Mary Burgess My Blue Heaven
Jennie Chen NW Sunshine
Tara Choate Transition
Cathy Cramer Afternoon Walk
Kathryn Damon-Dawson Washed Ashore
Rene Eisenbart Rebel
Mary Elle Lacy Ladies
Susan Escobar Parade Day
Alexandra Eyer Blue Rhapsody
Airi Foote Radiance
Jean Gale Touring and Tasting
Winnie Givot Orchidium 2 – Cattleya Rex
Margaret Godfrey Teach Me: Tibet
Angela Grainger In Those Quiet Times
Vernon Groff Latte Time
Christine Helton Homework II
Amanda James Autumn Light
Marjorie Johnson Desolation
Matthew Johnson Still Standing
Sharon Rackham King The Hayers
Yvonne Knoll Lady In Red
Karen Kreamer Petey’s Dream
Jean Kyle Nature’s Healing Heart
Ed Labadie Ancient Explorers
Dianne Lay Wild Velvet
Doyle Leek Toledo
Sam Livingston 1883
Steve Ludeman Harlow House
Denise Marshall WWII Frontline Heroes
Roberta Mathews Table for One?
Carrie McGraw Ready
Britt McNamee Resilient
Phyllis Meyer Ascension
Elaine Frances Moriarty Feel the Spray
Marcia Morrow Honey Bees
Diana Nadal Your Move
Jacqueline Newbold Summer’s Song
Linda Nye The Harbinger
JoAnn Pari-Mueller Beauty and the Bees
Sandra Pearce Shutterbug
Charlotte Peterson He Loves Me Two
Kara Pilcher Take Off
Carol Putnam Ray of Hope
Jennifer Ramerman Oregon Lighthouses
Mila Raphael The Discussion
Hazel Reeves Victoria
Mary Rollins Warmed by the Sun
Elizabeth Schilling Chill
Rebecca Sentgeorge Faux Collage Astro Boy
Kim Ellen Smith The Princess and Her Golden Ball
Ron Spears Changing Weather
Susan Spears Music Everywhere
Chris Stubbs Touching the Eternal
Sandra Swanson Crab Shack
Alice Tetamore Jeff’s White Beard
Victoria Tierney Cat and Mouse
Beth Verheyden Waiting His Turn
Liz Walker Upon Close Inspection 1
Alisha B Whitman Sweeping View
Roxanne Williams Rothschild Giraffe
Eve Withrow Teeming
Mitch Wolfsehr Friday Night Happy Hour
Sandra Wood Leafy Sea Dragon
Angela Wrahtz Aloha


“The Hayers” by Sharon Rackham King