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    Each show has its own rules and regulations which are outlined in the Spring 2022 Prospectus.

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    WSO Members may submit up to two paintings per show. Each painting will require its own submission on this form. The first two paintings submitted will be considered the entered paintings.

    Painting Title (please enter as you wish it to appear in the printed catalog):

    Substrate. This painting is painted on:

    Media. This painting is at least 80% watermedia, using primarily (select the one that most applies):

    This painting has non-water media in it:

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    Finished or Framed Painting (outside of frame, cradle board or canvas) size (in nearest inches):



    Spring show entries have a framed or finished minimum outside dimension of 256 square inches and a maximum outside dimension of 1200 square inches. Please read the Spring 2022 Prospectus to discover more. The field below will calculate the square inches of your painting so you can check its eligibility.

    • Accepted paintings must match the image submitted. The only allowable change will be the addition of a signature.
    • Do not put spaces, apostrophes, or commas in the image name. Please name your images in the following manner:
      • LastnameFirstname-YourPaintingTitle.jpg
      • SmithMary-GoneWithTheWind.jpg
      • BrownJohn-PortlandAtDusk.jpg
      • StewartJimmy-ItsAWonderfulLife.jpg
    • Images must be 300 dpi and 1200 pixels on the longest side. See
    • Images must be in JPG form.
    • Images will not load unless they meet these parameters.

    Select your painting file:

    When the image title appears, the entry is ready for submission. You will need to verify that you are a human then hit submit. A message will appear, advising if changes need to be made or if your submission was successful. An email with the details of your submission will be sent to your email address.