Step 2: Show Eligibility


  1. Exhibitions shall consist of no more than eighty (80) paintings, selected by a national juror chosen by the Board.
  2. All selected paintings shall be by a different WSO Member.
  3. Active Members, current in their dues and residing in the State of Oregon, may submit to WSO juried exhibitions.
  4. By entering the exhibition, you grant WSO the right to use your image for reproduction purposes and to display the image on its website.


  1. Any painting which has been previously juried into a WSO exhibition is not admissible.
  2. A maximum of two (2) images may be submitted.
  3. Images must be in jpg. format with the greatest dimension sized at 1200 pixels, with 300 dpi.
  4. Work shall be completed within two (2) years of the submission deadline.
  5. Work may be critiqued by a teacher and/or critique group.
  6. All work including composition and design, must be the original creation of the artist and shall not be from the work of any other artists or photographers, with or without the original artist’s permission.
  7. Work shall be executed without step by step instruction.
  8. All reference materials, including photographs must be the creation of the artist.
  9. Artwork may not be altered once the image is submitted, except for the addition of the artist’s signature.
  10. All accepted paintings must be available and delivered to the convention exhibition. Artists who do not make an accepted painting available for the exhibition will not be allowed to enter WSO exhibitions for two (2) years.
  11. All submitted paintings must be for sale. All prices are final and cannot be changed. Keep in mind sales commissions at some galleries may be as high as 50%.
  12. A $30.00 handling fee will be applied to all members who are accepted into our juried exhibitions. If your painting is rejected for any reason, your $30.00 will be returned.
  13. At the end of the Show, delivery of sold paintings to buyers is the responsibility of the artist.


  1. Accepted paintings must be matted to match the submitted digital image. Please refer to How to Prepare Your Painting for WSO Competitions.
  2. Mats – Clean, sharp cut mats
    1. Single or double white or off-white mats only.
    2. Liner of the same color as outer mat must be ½ inch or less.
    3. No colored liners.
    4. No markings of any kind on mats, including but not limited to signatures, paint, pencil, ink and titles.
  3. Frames
    1. All frames must be matte black metal, free from scratches and dings.
    2. Maximum outside dimensions are 30” x 40”.
    3. Minimum outside dimensions are 16” x 20”.
    4. Maximum depth (thickness from front to back) is 1-1/2 inches.
    5. Clips to hold the painting securely in place, if needed.
  1. Wire
    1. Secure wire for hanging is required.
  2. Glazing
    1. No glass is permitted.
    2. All paintings regardless of surface, must be glazed (covered) with Plexiglass, Acrylic or Lucite, and free from scratches.


  1. Tape the following to the back of the painting:
    1. Entry card in the upper left corner.
    2. Signed Gallery Contract; do not fold. Galleries will not allow paintings to hang without a gallery contract attached.
    3. OPTIONAL: Artist’s Statement or Commentary (do not fold).
  2. Enclose the following in an envelope and seal the flap over the hanging wire:
    1. $30 hanging fee (make check payable to “WSO”).
    2. Pre-Authorized Return Shipping Label (only) if you’re having your painting returned via shipping).
  3. Hand deliver your painting to the designated place – OR –
  4. Ship your painting using a Pre-Authorized Return Shipping Label.


Though utmost care will be taken in handling image media and artwork, neither WSO nor any gallery sponsoring WSO exhibitions are responsible for loss or damage. All insurance is the responsibility of the artist.


  1. Twenty award winning paintings will be selected by the show juror. Awards will be announced at the Banquet on Saturday night of the convention weekend.
  2. A People’s Choice Award, selected by the Artists’ Reception attendees, will be announced at the Banquet on Saturday night of the convention weekend.


See the current Watermark for theProspectus (last updated for fall 2020), with instructions, deadlines, and calendar.