40th Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition

Burns, Oregon – Spring 2005

Juror: Donna Watson

Award Winning Paintings

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Sweepstakes Award

Samantha Hickman, Pleasant Hill
“Exercise in Struggle”
30 x 37, $1500

First Place Award

Preecha Promprabtuk, Sandy
36x 28, $1500

Second Place Award

Marge Moore, Salem
“Memories of Copper Canyon”
26 x 36, $800

Third Place Award

John Maslen, Portland
“Ski 2”
28 x 36, $1900

Fourth Place Award

Airi Foote, Lake Oswego
“The Spirit”
23 x 20, $600

Fifth Place Award

Ted Vaught, Portland
“Zen Garden”
28 x 36, $975

Achievement Awards

Beryl Adams, Florence
“Terrestrial Essence III”
20x 20, $425

Tangie Pape Belmore, Sherwood
36 x 28, $2100

Linda Curtis, Shady Cove
“Topography: Spans”
28x 36, $900

Kara Pilcher, Boring
“Wade Family”
30 x 40, NFS

Dolores Ribal, Central Point
21x 22, $900

Maud Durland, Lake Oswego
“Water’s Edge II”
19 x 29, $450

Chris Keylock Williams, Portland
“A Place to Light”
28x 36, $1200

Awards of Distinction

Betty Barss, Medford
“Skull and Boards”
20x 28, $800

Carolee Clark, Philomath
“Garland’s Pots”
20x 16, $1200

Ruddy Havill, Ashland
“End of the Road”
34 x 27, $2400

Sue Jensen, Portland
28x 22, $800

Kemper Rostad, Wilsonville
“Sunday’s Best”
35 x 27, $500

Chris Stubbs, Tualatin
“Searching for the Prodigal”
28x 17, $900

Peoples Choice Award

Doreen Lindstedt, Portland
“Wahclella Falls”
40x 30, $1100