Materials & Supply Lists for the 2019 Spring Convention

Annie Salness: ” Exploring Value: Collage”
1-3 pieces of 8”x8” 140# paper, 2 oz. or ¼ cup acrylic gloss gel; a brush for applying the acrylic gel; container for water; scissors; old credit card or something to smooth out the bubbles. Paper palette, paper towels. Small handful of collage papers. Hand protection: gloves or cream.

Anji Grainger: “Pouring with WC to Create a Unique Outcome”
Bring your own watercolor pigments in the tube and either small gessoed boards or watercolor paper, container for water, paper towel, usual supplies. When you register, a supply list will be provided.

Brooks Hickerson: “Paint Out at the Rose Garden”
Bring your usual traveling paint materials and supports. No admission fee for the Rose Garden. The Portland Japanese Garden is nearby, and requires paid admission. Carpool or pay for parking.

Corrine Loomis-Dietz: “Wet to Wild Using Golden Water Media”
For a 30-minute hands-on exercise, bring a brush for acrylic, a brush for gesso, container for water, paper palette, paper towels and several scrap paper. Hand protection: gloves or cream.

Ed Labadie: “Capture the Light”
Bring a large brush with your usual traveling paint supplies, container for water, paper towels, and paper.

Greg Lewis: The Art Critique-Making It Personal.
Lecture: Bring your notebook and pen/pencils.

Kristie Mooney: Learning How to Batik with Watercolors
Lecture: If you want to paint while Kristie shares her batik process, bring a sketchbook, small set of watercolor supplies, container for water, & paper towels. Garden Room A will have tables and chairs.

Liz Walker: Under the Influence(s) Of…
Lecture: Bring your notebook and pen/pencils.

Sarkis Antikajian: Landscape Sketching.
Bring your own photo(s) or use mine; your usual watercolor sketch supplies, water container & brushes. I like to use a mop brush like Raphael 803 #4. If you have something similar bring it. Also bring a smaller synthetic round brush and a Rigger brush. You may bring one or two water soluble crayons or oil pastels in your favorite colors as well. Bring papers or sketchbooks, but no larger than 9” x 12”. Container for water.

Steve Kleier: Easy Line Perspective.
Bring a sketchbook, drawing pencil, and a straight edge.