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Membership Renewal: Member Survey

WSO thrives because of our volunteers! I know not everyone can give their time; that’s ok. But in an effort to reach those of you who can and want to volunteer, I’m asking you to fill out a Member Survey each year as part of your Membership Renewal process.

If you’re already volunteering, there’s a box for you to check which completes your Survey.
If you’re unable to volunteer, there’s a box for you to check which also completes your Survey.
Thank you! I appreciate your time and willingness to communicate with me in this way.

All My Best,

Beth Verheyden
WSO President 2018
Past President-Volunteer Coordinator 2019


STEP 1: Click on Renew Your Yearly Active Membership to fill out the Member Survey.

STEP 2: Click on “Finish” to be redirected to your Active Membership Renewal form and payment options.

STEP 3: That’s it; thank you


Email Membership Director, or call (503) 655-0137

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Renew your yearly Subscriber Membership.

Please email if you need help or have any questions.