by Diane O. Pinney

I always come away from the Spring Convention and the Orientation for our new WSO Members with such a sense of pride, excitement, and pleasure. It is a privilege to help bring these artists into this professional organization. They cannot help but be inspired by the energy and excitement of our Members and Board Members, the quality and variety of the workshops, and the opportunities available to them for education and service. In fact, two of them volunteered for key jobs at WSO before the Convention ended on Sunday!

13New MembersOf the 43 New Members in the Class of 2014, 21 were registered for the Spring Convention. Five of these New Members were juried into the 2015 Spring Experimental Exhibit by Juror Gale Webb: Jack Allen, Linda Burgel, Vernon Groff, Jean Wendling, and Rose West; and both Jack and Vernon received Awards of Distinction. How special is that!

The New Members were identified by bright red/orange ribbons tied to their badges. The New Member Orientation on Friday, April 4 was well attended, and six of the Board Members made presentations on some aspect of WSO. It is always a learning experience even for the old timers.

The New Member Gallery on the WSO Website has been updated for this new class. This same New Member slide show of images ran during the New Member Orientation. As you can see, our New Members are very accomplished watercolor artists. New applications for the class of 2015 are already coming in so our Society continues to be enriched by fine watercolor artists.

We always invite WSO Members to step up and serve as mentors or buddies for the New Members who might need some help in submitting paintings, registering for conventions, getting involved in a critique group, understanding some of our policies, etc. If you are interesting in helping out in this way, please let me know, and I will assign you to someone who might need some guidance getting integrated to the Society.

Diane O. Pinney

New Member Chair

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Jack Allen Tigard “Newport Bay” 2014.Allen.NewportBay_sm
Ase Blake Salem “Venetian Waterway” 2014.Blake.VenetianWaterway_sm
Allison Bollman Portland “Duncan a la Carte” 2014.Bollman.DuncanalaCarte_sm
Linda Burgel Bend “A Dandy Life” for wso
Patricia Canby Damacus “Doors” 2014.Canby.Doors_sm
Katherine Christensen Portland “Red Bird of Paradise” 2014.Christensen.RedBirdofParadise_sm
Elvina May Christopherson Scappoose “Sunflower” 2014.Christopherson.Sunflower_sm
Lane Clem Beaverton “1950 Ford Black” 2014.Clem.1950FordBlack_sm
Susan DeRosa Jacksonville “South Umpqua River, Scottsburg” 2014.DeRosa.SouthUmpquaRiverScottsburg_sm
Pat Farr Wilsonville “Beach Morning” 2014.Farr.BeachMorning_sm.jpg
Cynthia Ferguson Roseburg “Could Be Nasturtiums”  2014.Ferguson.CouldBeNasturtiums_sm
Diane Field Portland “Stones with Cacti”  2014.Field.StoneswithCacti_sm
Rita Frank The Dalles “In the Garden” 2014.Frank.IntheGarden_sm
Marlene Gerlt Roseburg “Spring” 2014.Gerlt.Spring_sm
Vernon Groff Sandy “Alpaca Blue” 2014.Groff.AlpacaBlue_sm
Susan Hinton Portland “Prophetic” 2014.Hinton.Prophetic_sm
John Holdway, Jr. Eugene “Birdhouse” 2014.Holdway.birdhouse_sm
Carol Hubbard Damascus “Good Morning” 2014.Hubbard.GoodMorning_sm
Lorry Jackson Gresham “Persimmons” 2014.Jackson.Persimmons_sm
Kaylene Kirchem Portland “Filling the Red Cup” 2014.Kirchem.FillingTheRedCup_sm
Karen Lawson Roseburg “Colors of Fall” 2014.Lawson.ColorsofFall_sm
Laura Leiman Portland “Mountain D” 2014.Leiman.MountainD_sm
Denise Marshall Eagle Point “Apples on the Portch” 2014.Marshall.ApplesonthePorch_sm
Paul Mathenia Redmond “High Desert Sole” 2014.Mathenia.HighDesertSole_sm
Sandy McCormack Eugene “Flowers in Blue Glass” 2014.McCormack.FlowersinBlueGlass_sm
Javier Montoya King City “Santa Barbara Courthouse” 2014.Montoya.SantaBarbaraCourthouse_sm
Marcia Morrow Gresham “Snow Shine” 2014.Morrow.SnowShine_sm
Cathy Nicholson Ashland “Sunflowers” 2014.Nicholson.Sunflowers_sm
Beth Paul Paul “Multnomah Falls” 2014.Paul.MultnomahFalls_sm
Beth Frolander Peterman Corvallis “Burch Farm Vista” 2014.Peterman.BurchFarmVista_sm
Eve Prior Portland “Klaloch Sitkas” 2014.Prior.KlalochSitkas_sm
Joan Ririe Grants Pass “View from Pelicans Perch” 2014.Ririe.ViewFromPelicansPerch_sm
Kathy Sandell West Linn “I Like This Kitchen” 2014.Sandell.Ilikethiskitchen_sm
Ward Jene Stroud Portland “Old Rusty” 2014.Stroud.OldRusty_sm
Carol Tocher Canby “Baker” 2014.Tocher.Baker_sm
Zsuzsanna Vamos Hillsboro “Snowy Street” 2014.Vamos.SnowyStreet_sm
Sara Viviamore Jefferson “New Orleans Airport” 2014.Viviamore.NewOrleansAirport_sm
Nancy Waugaman Roseburg “Turtle” 2014.Waugaman.Turtle_sm
Ann Wecks Corbett “Tibetan Lady” 2014.Wecks.TibetanLady_sm
Jean Wendling Florence “Dockside” 2014.Wendling.Dockside_sm
Rose West Portland “Gorge Showing Off” 2014.West.GorgeShowingOff_sm
Sharon Wise Murphy “Classic Ladies” 2014.Wise.ClassicLadies_sm
Linda Zirkle Damacus “Majestic Mountain” 2014.Zirkle.Majestic Mountain_sm