This year we approved WSO membership privileges to 34 artists at the Fall Convention. These artists vary in levels of expertise, technique and style; and, not surprisingly, come from rural and urban areas all over mid and western Oregon. We will have a slide presentation of their images at the Spring Convention in Silverton, and we will also welcome them at a special New Member Reception on Friday evening April 8, 2016. Their name badges will be especially noted to indicate they are New WSO Members. Make a point to say “Hello.”

Please look at the list in this newsletter to see who lives in your area. Invite them to a critique, to coffee, to your studio or to visit your favorite gallery. We want to be sure that they feel welcome and become a vital part of this Society.

All images appearing on this site are the copyrighted property of the artist. They are fully protected by U.S. and International Copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images on this site are for online viewing only and may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or used in any way for commercial or personal use without express written consent of the artist. Unauthorized usage and or reproduction of these images constitutes copyright infringement, is a violation of federal and international law.


Anderson, Charles Flying Honu 2015
Charles Anderson
Medford, OR
“Flying Honu”

Artru, Sandra Morning Maui Sun 2015
Sandra Artru
Grants Pass, OR
“Morning Maui Sun”

Becic, Robin Keauhou Hideaway Hibiscus 2015
Robin Becic
Portland, OR
“Keauhou hideaway Hibiscus”

Berry, Robin Three Amigos 2015
Robin Berry
Oregon City, OR
“Three Amigos”

Boynton, Jean Waves 2015
Jean Boynton
Coos Bay, OR

Cameron, Patrice Thoughtful 2015
Patrice Cameron
Portland, OR

Canoy, Carolyn Riverine 2015
Carolyn Canoy
Salem, OR

Castle, David Candied Trees 2015
David Castle
Portland, OR
“Candied Trees”

Still Life with Pitcher
Catherine Cramer
Wilsonville, OR
“Still Life with Pitcher”

User comments
Debbie Crooke
Portland, OR

Dilts, Terri Coscosmia 2015
Terri Dilts
Grand Ronde, OR

Efron, Laura Bananas 2015
Laura Efron
Eugene, OR

Glenn, Jan Dilgo 2015
Jan Glenn
Aurora, OR

Graham, Nancy Reflections of Abundance 2015
Nancy Graham
Medford, OR
“Reflections of Abundance”

Haunschild, Pamela Moonglow 2015
Pamela Haunschild
Ashland, OR

Koch, Susan Iris Song 2015
Susan Koch
Portland, OR
“Iris Song”

Kyle, Jean Going to the Light 2015
Jean Kyle
Coos Bay, OR
“Going Into the Light”

Lafferty, Curt Port Vendres 2015
Curt Lafferty
Portland, OR
“Port Vendres”

LoBue, Nancy Dogwood 2015
Nancy LoBue
Portland, OR

Lundgren, Ken Hsinchu Street 2015
Ken Lundgren
Portland, OR
“Hsinshu Street”

Martin, Chas As the Crow Flies 2015
Chas Martin
Portland, OR
“As the Crow Flies”

McGeegan, Jane In the Garden 2015
Jane McGeehan
Seaside, OR
“In the Garden”

Myer, Kay Clematis 2015
Kay Myer
Medford, OR

Nielsen, Marianne Bucket of Bolts 2015
Marianne Nielsen
Grants Pass, OR
“Bucket of Bolts”

Parker, Janet Tuscan Bee 2015
Janet Parker
Portland, OR
“Tuscan Bee”

Parman, Sue Hair 2015
Sue Parman
Hillsboro, OR

Peterson, Ricki Fall Squash 2015
Ricki Peterson
Beaverton, OR
“Fall Squash”

Riedell, Nancy Forsythia 2015
Nancy Riedell
Portland, OR

A Bowl of Cherries Plus 3 - watercolor, © Zola Jean 2014

Zola Jean Sherwood
Independence, OR
“A Bowl of Cherries Plus 3”

Spears, Ron Morning at Smith Rock 2015
Ron Spears
Lake Oswego, OR
“Morning at Smith Rock”

At the shore

Ginny Stevens
Aurora, OR
“At the Shore”

Vanderbilt, Virginia Addison at 4 #1 2015
Virginia Vanderbilt
Salem, OR
“Addison at 4 #1”

Wrahtz, Angela Blue Lagoon 2015
Angela Wrahtz
Tualatin, OR
“Blue Lagaoon”

Whitman, Alisha 2015
Alisha Whitman
Corvallis, OR
“Pink Cascade”