Membership Sign-Up Walk Through

If you are a previous member or subscriber of WSO, you’ll see we are trying something new. Please be patient with the volunteers who are working hard to make this all work.

Note: Lifetime members (no longer an option) will receive separate instructions via email, but it may take a few weeks before those arrive. Please have patience!

Step 1: Go to the Join Us page and decide what works for you.

Step 2: After you have decided, press the “Pay Now” button. You’ll be taken to Paypal.

Step 3: After you have paid, you’ll be sent to a page that explains a little more about what’s happening. But basically, check your email, especially your SPAM folder. Also, keep an eye out for “wordpress.”

If after a few hours you hadn’t received an email like the one above, please use the Contact Form to let us know.

Step 4: Follow the link in the email that you have received and register your information with WSO.

Step 5: When you see the screen above, you are done. Your dues are paid and you can log into the website to access member-only content (when we start doing that).

What’s Next?

After registering your account, you may be wondering… what’s next. For right now, it may not seem like much. Here are some things we hope to implement with this membership software in the next year.

  1. Protecting content (show entry, library, etc.) “behind” the membership software.
  2. Membership directory. This software will allow all members and subscribers access to a digital membership directory, complete with photos. It may be a few months off before that happens.
  3. Streamline membership renewals. Yes, the learning curve is steep right now, but we believe things will be easier in the years to come.
  4. Enhance communication and marketing. With this software, we are able to integrate membership information with email communications. We’re hoping this allows us to create lists focused on marketing, shows, updates, etc.

Thank you for your patience with this new process!