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“Dispossessed #1” by Liz Walker

Jenny Armitage Heart Of Salamanca
Bill Baily Golden Glow
Betty Barss Last Round Up
Robin E Becic Taking Turns
Donna Bekooy Natalie’s Crown
Maria Berg Taking a Moment
Suzi Blaisdell Fuzz’s Eyes
Linda Boutacoff Rhythm Of The River
Sarah Bouwsma Sea Foam
Helen Brown Oregon Native
Mary Burgess Jubilee
Patrice Cameron Peace Like A River
Carolyn Canoy Desert Wind
Leslie Cheney-Parr Vienne Rhone Blue
Tara Choate I Feel Pretty
Alexandra Coogan Ponderosa Pine Bark
Catherine Cramer The Gorge In Grey
Kathryn Damon-Dawson Sticks Or Stones?
Elizabeth Mikie Doolittle Native Dreams
Leslie Dugas A New Day
Maud Durland Tangled
Rene Eisenbart Come Up the Years
Susan Escobar Grandma’s Attic Dolls
Airi Foote Sunny Side
Rita Furnanz View From San Marco Square
Kay Gifford Hope Springs Eternal
Margaret Godfrey TeachMe-SouthSudan
Elizabeth Haberman Ready To Roll
Sherry Hanson Barn Cat
Pamela Haunschild I Dream Of Africa
Patty Hendricks Urban Echoes 2
Elizabeth Higgins Be Pink
Judy Hoiness Protect Oregon Wildlife And Wildlands 3
Marjorie Johnson The Way They Were
Nancy Jolley Singing The Blues
Sharon Rackham King Late For Supper
Yvonne Knoll In The Beginning
Natasha Kobbe Orchard Troops
Chris Kondrat Mixed Dozen
Ed Labadie Undulations
Sam Livingston SFD
Geoffrey McCormack Rock Dance Revisited
Kathie McEvers Cerises Rouges
Carrie McGraw Divo In Chamonix
Jane Means Mosaic
Phyllis Meyer Under The Big Top
Judith Kay Mohney AFIB
Kristie Mooney Mr. Crabby
Elaine Frances Moriarty La Vie En Rose
Marcia Morrow African Boy
Dana Mounts Meryl Cheep
Judy Nigh Joy
JoAnn Pari-Mueller Rabbit World
Sue Parman Feeling Crabby
Peg Patterson Fury
Charlotte Peterson Toad Um Pole
Kara Pilcher Wanda’s Hydrangeas
Jan Premo Daisy Chain
Carol Putnam Spring Delight
Jennifer Ramerman Facing Change With Courage
Mila Raphael Oaxaca Memories
Mary Rollins Radiance
Linda Schatzel Awakening
Rebecca Sentgeorge The Right Shoes
Chris Stubbs Lost In Thought
Lynne Taylor Aboriginal Organics
Victoria Tierney Whirlygig-#2 (Samara/Samsara)
Kathy Tiger Eternal Echos I
Bruce Ulrich OMG Wall
Beth Verheyden Symphony Of Movement
Liz Walker Dispossessed
Judi Weigandt Balancing Act
Mary Welch Pondering
Rose West City Country Debate
Roxanne Williams Antelope Canyon
Eve Withrow Thicketed Moon
Angela Wrahtz Eye Mind
Alleyn Yasskin Clean Ocean
Loisann Young Baby Eagle
Donna Zenobia-Saffir Elizabeth Dreaming


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