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WSO 2021 Spring Convention Goes Rogue!

April 9-11, 2021

by Susanne Mitchell and JoAnn Pari-Mueller, 2021 Spring Convention Co-chairs

What better way to celebrate our 2021 Spring Convention than to incorporate our spring “experimental” theme all the way? It will be a year since Covid-19 hit the scene. It’s ongoing presence continually encourages us to look for new, creative ways to enjoy our mutual passion for watercolor and learning.

The “unconventional” convention continues. We, along with the WSO leadership, have determined that the convention in April will need to be a virtual one in terms of breakout sessions and juror’s demo and workshop. The Spring Experimental Exhibition of 80 paintings, to be chosen by Ken and Stephanie Goldman, will be shown online and physically in a new location! This exciting downtown Portland space is inside the rustic-chic business called Urbanite, located at 1005 S.E. Grand Avenue, in Portland’s Eastside,  just across the Morrison Bridge. This location is bright and cheerful and will be a fun location to showcase our winning paintings.

As much as we all wish to meet in person for the convention, let us all be thankful that technology still allows us to enjoy our art from the safety of our own homes. When the time comes for us all to gather again, we will be proud of our resiliency and the new skills we have learned.

Breakout Sessions

In lieu of live breakout sessions, there will be a fabulous new pilot program of specially videotaped demonstrations by wonderful artists, sharing some of their special techniques and expertise in programs of 40 to 90-minute duration. There is an exceptionally reasonable introductory price of $10.00 each for these video sessions.  They will be available starting on Saturday, April 10, 2021, and will be accessible, at your leisure, for two weeks from that date. This means you will be able to sign up for as many of the breakout sessions as you want and not have to worry about them filling up too soon! No more excruciating decisions about which session to sign up for – you can enjoy them all at your own pace and chosen time! We encourage you to invite your non-member friends to participate in this wonderful opportunity. See the following page for more information on breakout sessions and Calendar of Events for sign-up dates.

The Jurors – Ken and Stephanie Goldman

Ken and Stephanie Goldman will judge the submissions, make their choice of 80 paintings, and then prepare a video to comment on their 20 award winning choices. That juror commentary video will be made available to all WSO members.

They are winners of many prestigious awards; their paintings are exhibited in countless exclusive galleries and invitational exhibitions worldwide.

We are truly fortunate to have these two brilliant artists with us for our virtual 2021 Spring Convention. Our Sunday afternoon Demo will offer you all the benefits of a physical convention experience in the safety and convenience of your own home.

Online Demonstration and Presentation by Jurors

On Sunday, April 11, the Goldmans will do a live Zoom demonstration for up to 100 WSO member enrollees, at the low cost of $10.00.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions via the Zoom “chat” feature.

On Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13, the jurors will provide a live Zoom workshop at the cost of $150.00 for WSO Active Members, Lifetime Members, and Subscriber Members. Enrollment will be limited to 30 people. See the mini workshop post for more information.

We hope that WSO’s 2021 virtual Spring Convention will inspire your future painting and that the Jurors’ Demo and Workshop will provide you with what you need to encourage your artistic growth.