Hues of Hillsboro – Mini Workshop

Mini-Workshop and Paint Along with Jurors Ken and Stephanie Goldman

April 12-13 (Monday-Tuesday) 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Our Jurors Ken and Stephanie Goldman will provide the two-day Mini-Workshop and Paint Along via Zoom for 30 participants. Beginners and experienced artists, at all levels of accomplishment, are welcome. Ken and Stephanie will provide instructions and training to improve our artistic ability, broaden our horizons and find a fresh new way to approach the art of watercolor. The two artist instructors will add different aspects of creating watercolor paintings.

Ken Goldman

Ken’s Figure Drawing for the Watercolorist: Sketching and Designing Space with Multiple Figures will primarily focus on effective ways to simplify and depict the figure in terms of gesture, rhythm, design, flat shapes, and simplified light/dark areas using pencil, charcoal, pen/wash, watercolor and specific simple measuring techniques. If you already participate in figure sketch groups, this workshop will add a whole new dimension to your drawing and painting skills. Starting with a gesture figure drawing in charcoal to warm up, you will proceed with a gesture figure in watercolor using a variety of techniques including painting into an abstract background and using water-soluble pens and markers. After that you will move on to create a watercolor portrait.

Stephanie Goldman

Stephanie’s The Value of Values, Classical Realism: Pencil with White Gouache, Inks and Washes – An Old “New” Approach to Drawing and Gouache Painting provides a new way to create stunning tonal Gouache Paintings.

In this workshop, Stephanie will help you create small jewel-like paintings with three mechanical pencils, ink, a kneaded eraser, brushes, and white gouache on toned paper. Using images from an iPhone or iPad, participants can use any preferred subject, whether from travels abroad or simply animals, figures, or portraits. Stephanie is well known for her ability to help each person find their unique drawing ability, in their way, without feeling overwhelmed. She feels it is essential to know and understand your subject so well that you will know and understand what to leave undone.

Ken and Stephanie are both nationally and internationally known and respected as artists, teachers, and jurors. Ken is the author of fifteen instructional books on pastels, acrylics, charcoal, and artistic anatomy. He has been featured in several art magazines such as the Art of Watercolor, Southwest Art, International Artist, Watercolor Magic, Splash, The Artist’s Magazine, and many more. He is a winner of several awards, and he is also past President of the National Watercolor Society. Honestly, there isn’t enough space here to line up all his accomplishments. The list is impressive!

Stephanie is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society and the San Diego Watercolor Society. She is known for her richly colored figures and dynamic charcoal pencil and ink drawings. She teaches figure and portrait painting at the Athenaeum School of the Arts in La Jolla and has worked with Ken for three decades collaborating on large and small public and private art projects.

Additional information about both jurors can be found at and at


Online registration for Ken and Stephanie Goldman’s two-day workshop, demo, and all breakout sessions will open on Saturday, February 27 at 8:00 am. The workshop will be limited to 30 participants. A registration link will be emailed to all Active, Lifetime, and Subscriber Members on that date. Names beyond the 30 participants may opt to be waitlisted. If there are any cancellations, the waitlisted artists will be notified in the order that they registered. Workshop fee $150.00 for current Active, Lifetime, and Subscriber Members. Online Registration closes on Saturday, March 27 at 8:00 pm.

Current Active/Lifetime Members and Subscribers

If the workshop is not filled by March 20 with Active, Lifetime, and Subscriber Members, registration will open to non-members. Note: Non-members must register for Subscriber Membership and pay the $35.00 subscriber fee in addition to the regular fee for the demo, workshop, and/or breakout sessions.


The workshop will be held conveniently online with Zoom access. Following registration, all participants will receive an email from the host facilitator containing an access code and detailed workshop information.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for full refund less a $25.00 processing fee will be accepted prior to April 3 (8 full days prior to the workshop). Refunds for cancellations after April 3 will be given only if the workshop fills up and a replacement participant is found. Exceptions will be made in the event of serious illness, accident, or death in the family. All refunds less a $25.00 processing fee will be mailed or refunded via PayPal after the workshop.