Breakout: Who Said You Can’t Correct Watercolor?

Winnie Givot


  • Older synthetic brushes:
    • #8 & #16 (that happen to have no points left on them), #6 with an ok point.
  • Bristle brushes: small and medium.
    • The larger one is used after I’ve soaked the painting in a water bath for 10-30 minutes and want to gently scrub back areas of a
      painting. The smaller one may be used if there is some small area that just needs a bit more lifting. You need to be careful not to scrub hard with these brushes as you can go distress the paper or even go right through it.
  • Burnisher – table knife or spoon
  • Sea sponge
  • Original Mr. Clean
  • Flat brush
  • For stencil lifting:
    • Matte acetate or polyester film (.005 – Duralar by Grafix)
    • Toothbrush with flat bristles (irregular ones don’t work and tear the paper)
    • Exacto knife, small piece of mat board or something to cut on
    • Tissues