Breakout: Masking Using Nichiban 251 Tape

Mary Elle

Supply List:

  • Nichiban 251 Tape (also known as Nichiban 210)
    • It comes in three sizes.  I use the 40 mm, which is the widest.  You can overlap narrower tape, but I prefer to get the wider tape and cut it down if necessary.
    • Available at Merri Artist in McMinnville.  Order online or by phone.


  • A squeegee.
    • Available at any sign supply company (Pacific Coast Sign Supply, Denco, Multi-Craft Plastics, Northwest Sign Supply, etc.)
    • Or you can use a credit card or other implement that will lay the tape down tight.
  • Dry watercolor paper prepared the way you like to use it.
  • An Xacto blade holder and extra blades.
    • Xactos are available at Fred Meyer or any of the sign supply stores mentioned above.  I find the narrower ones most comfortable for my hand, but any size you prefer will work.  Merri Artist may well carry them, as well.  I don’t know if they have squeegees.
  • Paint and Brushes.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencils.
  • Any other supplies that you ordinarily use when you paint.