Breakout: Risk It All With Gouache and Ink Resist (Impressionist Mixed Media)

A Breakout Session Video with Rebecca Sentgeorge 

“Dry Dock” by Rebecca Sentgeorge

In keeping with the Spring Convention’s approach to experimentation, Rebecca invites you to throw caution to the wind using a technique that requires a real leap of faith. The gouache and ink resist will take you to unexpected and unplanned places, requiring you to respond to the painting (much like Yupo requires you to go with the flow). Gouache and ink resist does not involve using any resist medium or any masking technique. It creates it’s own unique texture slightly reminiscent of a wood block print that reveals the directionality or the carvers cuts. The gouache and ink resist technique is suitable for any skill level. It involves a level of risk, as the entire painting is covered with ink, before a washout technique removes the ink, revealing the reward: the unexpected results. The fun is in responding to the results using several editing strategies to create a painting that you could not have made by any other technique. So take a risk and watch this video and try something new.

Rebecca has taught art for 40 years to students of all ages, from kindergarten through community college level, in Oregon, Australia, China, and Japan.

Demo Drawing

Light sketch by Rebecca Sentgeorge

Supply list

  • Gouache: A simple set of 12 tubes can be purchased for under $10. If you decide that this is something you’d like to pursue you might need a larger tube of white or mixing white designers gouache.
  • Waterproof Black Ink: I used Higgins from my local art supply store but any brand is fine as long as it is waterproof.
  • Brushes: Any brushes you normally use plus a cheap very soft brush to apply the India ink that you do not mind using with India ink.
  • Paper: The texture of the paper makes a difference according to your preference, but any heavy paper will do.
    • Strathmore 33 series smooth Bristol Board will give a smoother texture
    • 140 lb. Cold Pressed Watercolor paper will give more of a stippled texture. Test by using the back of a discarded painting.
    • Mat Board or Mounting Board: I reuse the center cutouts from when I cut my own mats as substrates for resist and mixed media paintings
    • Wet Media Paper: This is cheaper than watercolor paper and works fine
  • Spray Bottle- such as an old household cleaner bottle, not a gentle mister bottle.
  • Washout Container-Any old flat bottomed container such as a storage tub, cake pan, or cafeteria tray that your painting can fit into. I sometimes use my   bathtub if I am doing a larger painting.
  • Old towel or blotter paper to dry the painting after wash out
  • Old iron should you want to flatten the painting if it warps