Spring 2004

39th Annual Transparent Exhibition

Keizer, Spring 2004

Juror, Carole Barnes

20 Award Winning Paintings

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21 Award Winning Paintings

Sweepstakes (Best in Show) “Waiting” Sue Smith, Redmond 21×21 $450
First Place “Semi-Dress Rehersal” Gene Gill, Portland 17×24 $1800
Second Place “New Orleans Rain” Ruth Armitage, Tualatin 32×22 $2000
Third Place “Seasonal Aspects” Pat San Soucie, Clackamas 29×36 $1100
Fourth Place “Columbia 7” Tangie Pape Belmore, Sherwood 29×21 $2200
Fifth Place


“Red Boots” Judy Johnston, Ashland 29×21 $450
Achievment Award “Cherriesonline.pit” Charlene Brussat, Jacksonville 15×22 NFS
Achievment Award “Springtime” Peggy Clark, Portland 30×22 $900
Achievment Award “Antonio” Lorie Lewis, Carlton 30×22 $1200
Achievment Award “Drumming up Palettes of Color” Donna Phillips-Roberts, Central Point 22×25 $250
Achievment Award “Missing Link” LaVonne Tarvox Crone, Eugene 23×15 $1000
Achievment Award “Hedda” Bergen C Todd, Salem 17×13 $500
Achievment Award “Inner Hail Chambere” Ted Vaught, Portland 29×21 $1200
Achievment Award “Golden Poplars” Sally Bills Bailey, Mt Hood 22×29 $1200
Award of Distinction “Vertical Drop” Cindy Geffel, West Linn 30×24 $800
Award of Distinction “Another Morning in Maui” Mike Hill, Gresham 18×24 $1200
Award of Distinction “I only Have Iris for You” Charlotte Peterson, Central Point 22×30 $1200
Award of Distinction “Papers in the Box” Preecha Promprabtuk, Sandy 22×15 $1500
Award of Distinction “Anna in the Morning” Chris Stubbs, Tualatin 30×22 $1500
Award of Distinction “Old Friends” Kathy Tiger, Eugene 20×30 $800
Peoples Choice Award “Gently Up the Stream” Jerry Robertson, Silverton 21×29 $600