Please complete the 2023 WSO Member Survey now!

If you haven’t yet filled out the 2023 WSO Member Survey, please fill it out now!

Why fill out the survey? It only takes a few minutes.

The value of the survey for WSO members is that it gives you a way to help, to become involved in WSO and, in working together, to find friends and get to know some amazing people, and to pay back (or forward) for all that WSO gives.

The amazing organization that is WSO is run by volunteers. Volunteers fill the many positions that make it possible for all of us to benefit from WSO. The value of the survey for WSO is in connecting people who have the interest and ability to fill these roles.

Some jobs are big, some small and there is always turnover, with new people bringing new ideas and insights. We train one another in the specific jobs so that they can be done well. It is great when someone volunteers for a specific position.

Let us know what interests you, where you have experience, and whether or not you have time now or might in the future.

You can do it quickly, right here at the link.

Thank you so much!