a. Must be clean and sharp cut
b. Must be white or off-white ONLY
c. Colored liner of ½ inch or less is acceptable
d. The painting must be matted to reveal the exact image that was submitted.
Please see “Tips on How to Correctly Mat Your Painting” below.
a. Metal frames only, free from scratches and dings
b. Clips to hold painting securely in place, if needed
c. Maximum OUTSIDE dimensions – 30” x 40”
d. Minimum OUTSIDE dimensions – 16” x 20”
e. Maximum DEPTH (thickness from back to front) – 1-1/2 inches.
3. WIRE:
a. Secure wire for hanging.
4. GLAZING (Plexiglas)
a. No glass is allowed
b. All paintings regardless of surface must be glazed (covered) with Plexiglas, Acrylic
or Lucite
c. Surface  must be free from scratches.
5. PACKING (if shipping your painting)
a. Do not use Styrofoam pellets for packing
b. Use a crate suitable for re-shipping (see #6 below)
c. Label all packing materials that you wish to have returned to you
d. Delete all previous names and addresses from your shipping box before re-using
e. Use the shipping label provided in your acceptance packet.
a. Artists are responsible for providing a container suitable for re-use
b. If you are making your own crate (shipping box), here are the instructions:
i. Use a wood frame with two layers of cardboard on each side.
ii. Use screws with angle iron and hinged top to close.  This is a re-usable
crate, which makes it simple to unpack and re-pack your painting.  Label the
outside of the crate ‘FRAGILE”.
iii. Do not use nails to close.
iv. Indicate Top with arrows.
c. Use the shipping label provided in your acceptance packet.
a. Tape one copy of entry card to the backing in upper left corner.
b. Sign the Gallery Contract, do not fold, and tape to backing.  Galleries will not allow
paintings to hang without a gallery contract attached.
c. Enclose the following in an envelope and seal flap over hanging wire:
ii. Artist’s Statement or Commentary
iii. $10 Handling Fee (can be cash or check made out to “WSO”).
d. Hand deliver your painting to the designated place; OR
e. Ship your painting by UPS using the shipping label in your acceptance packet
i. Paintings to be returned via shipping will be returned by UPS.  UPS will
invoice WSO, the WSO Treasurer will pay the shipping charges, and will bill you
the Artist for the amounts due.
Taken partially from “How to Survive the Painting Check-In Process”, by Beth Verheyden, Con-
vention Consultant – Watermark November 2014 Issue
Because the original painting you deliver to painting check-in must show the exact same image
as the one you submitted online to begin with, and because how to do this is often misunderstood, here are some tips on the how-to’s:
First a visual aid:  here’s a picture example of a painting that may have been submitted online
with the hope of being juried into the show by the juror: (a)
Hurray!  Let’s assume this painting was selected by the juror to be in
the show.  Now you have to mat it.  This next photo is an example of the
same painting, (b) matted and ready to be checked-in, but it has been
matted (cropped) so that it shows a different image than what was submitted
to the juror:
CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?  There is no building on the left
side, and much of the top of the sky has been cropped out.  If this painting
had been delivered to painting check-in cropped (matted) like this,
it would not be allowed in the show because it’s been matted to show a
image than what was originally submitted.
It’s way too easy to make this mistake when you go to mat your painting
if you don’t keep track of where you want your painting cropped (matted).
are a few tips on
how to guarantee that your photographed
image (the one you submit) is exactly the same as your matted painting
(the one you bring to check-in):
Option 1
•  Place crop marks in all 4 corners of your original painting where you want the image to be
•  Take it to a professional photographer and ask it to be photographed to the crop marks;
•  Leave the crop marks in place during the matting process;
•  Mat the painting to the crop marks;
•  Don’t try to fit your painting into a mat you already have.  That mat may have been cut to a
different image size and won’t fit the new painting.
Option 2
•  Mat your painting before photographing it;
•  If you’re doing your own photographing, make sure that you shoot the photo straight on.  If you
shoot at even a very slight angle, it will throw off your image and will force you to crop the
image on your computer, thereby causing everything to be off anyway;
•  If you’re not sure you can shoot the photo straight on, have a professional shoot it for you.  It’s
worth the money!  Most professionals will photo your painting with a mat on it.  You just need
to instruct them to photo right to the inside edges of the mat, without showing any mat.

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