Please READ, the FEES and some RULES have changed. Thank you.


  • Must be clean and sharp cut
  • Must be white or off-white ONLY; only the following Mat colors may be used:
    • Crescent: Palm beach white, off white, antique white, white, very white, bright white, script white, antique gray, mist, ivory, cream, alabaster, optic white, moonlight, cotton white and whisper
    • Bainbridge: Chalk, Spanish white, matte white, igloo, frost, French white, antique white, snowflake, sea mist, talc, Fairfield white and photo white
    • Artique: Oyster, whitecap, ivory, Dover, chalk white, talcum, meringue, buff, white, off white, Devonshire, crystal and muslin
  • Colored liner of 1/2 inch or less is acceptable
  • The painting must be matted to reveal the exact image that was submitted.
    • Please see “Tips on How to Correctly Mat Your Painting” below


  • Matte Black Metal Frames only, free from scratches and dings
  • Clips to hold painting securely in place, if needed
  • Maximum OUTSIDE dimensions – 30” x 40”
  • Minimum OUTSIDE dimensions – 16” x 20”
  • Maximum DEPTH (thickness from back to front) – 1-1/2 inches.


  • Secure wire for hanging.

GLAZING (Plexiglas)

  • No glass is allowed
  • All paintings regardless of surface must be glazed (covered) with Plexiglas, Acrylic or Lucite
  • Surface must be free from scratches.

PACKING (if shipping your painting)

  • Do not use Styrofoam pellets for packing
  • Use a crate suitable for re-shipping (see below)
  • Label all packing materials that you wish to have returned to you
  • Delete all previous names and addresses from your shipping box before re-using
  • Use the shipping label provided in your acceptance packet.


  • Artists are responsible for providing a container suitable for re-use
  • If you are making your own crate (shipping box), here are the instructions:
    • Use a wood frame with two layers of cardboard on each side.
    • Use screws with angle iron and hinged top to close. This is a re-usable crate, which makes it simple to unpack and re-pack your painting.\
    • Label the outside of the crate ‘FRAGILE”
    • Do not use nails to close
    • Indicate Top with arrows.


  1. Tape the following to the back of the painting:
    1. Exhibition Painting Label in the upper left corner;
    2. Signed Gallery Contract; do not fold. Galleries will not allow paintings to hang without a gallery contract attached; in the lower left corner
    3. Artist’s Bio: Typed on a 8 1/2 by 11 paper; in the lower right.
    4. Pre-Authorized Return Shipping Label in the upper right.( Only if you’re having your painting returned via shipping).
  2. Enclose the $30 hanging fee (make check payable to “WSO”). in an envelope and seal flap over hanging wire:
  3. Hand deliver your painting to the designated place –or-
  4. Ship your painting with a Pre-Authorized Return Shipping Label.