A Capital Affair in Salem


2018 Fall Convention, October 5-7

By Judy Mohney, John Mohney, Barbara Folawn

Salem, our vibrant capital city, will exuberantly welcome participants to the WSO 2018 Fall Convention. Salem offers a rich array of historical, cultural, and natural sites as well as Bush Park and Willamette University. Our main gathering place will be the downtown Salem Convention Center, a spacious modern facility near the Willamette River Waterfront Park. The Fall Watercolor Exhibition will hang at the Elsinore Framing & Fine Art Gallery, a block away from the Convention Center.

The Salem convention begins with the Meet & Greet at the Convention Center on Friday evening. Meet Juror Robbie Laird, get caught up with WSO friends, and make new friends too. The Saturday Breakout sessions will be held at the Convention Center, offering an intriguing variety of topics and instructors such as “Poured Watercolor: Design and Technique” (Jenny Armitage); “Can You Simplify?” (Margaret Steamer-Cox); and “Painting Family” (Chris Stubbs). Accomplished artists Steve Kleier and Sandra Pearce will conduct Paint Out sessions in historic downtown Salem and in nearby Minto-Brown Island Park on the beautiful Willamette River.

We are very excited to have Robbie Laird as our award-winning Juror and Workshop Instructor. She will expand our knowledge and experience in innovative and intuitive painting of natural subjects. Juror Robbie Laird describes her art, “My paintings provide a journey into the spirit of natural connections. I want to entice the viewer to explore beyond a literal depiction to the rhythm and intimacy within a subject.” Robbie uses large brushes and flowing paint to show a new artistic vision. For a visual treat and to learn more about Robbie, see her website at www.robbielairdartstudio.com.

Robbie’s five-day workshop The Abstract Nature of Nature, October 8-12, will be held at the beautiful and spacious Kroc Community Center in north Salem. This workshop is sure to be a valuable and stimulating learning experience led by an innovative painter and widely sought after teacher and juror.

2018 Fall Tri-Chairs Judy Mohney, John Mohney, Barbara Folawn

Break Out Sessions

  • Jenny Armitage:  “Poured Watercolor:  Design and Technique”
  • Chris Stubs:  “Painting Family”
  • Margaret Steamer-Cox:  “Can You Simplify?”
  • Sandra Pierce:  Paint-Out at Minto Brown Park
  • Steve Kleier:  Paint-Out in Downtown Salem
  • Becki Hesedahl:  “The Warm-Up”
  • Kim Smith:  tba
  • Jean Lea:  tba
  • Panel Discussion: “Color Confidential”

Other local activities:

  • Winery Tour
  • Museums Tour
  • Bird Watching
  • Photo Tour

Workshop October 8-12

Join Robbie Laird at the spacious Kroc Community Center for five days of watercolor!