Supply Lists and Info for the 2018 Fall Convention

Painting Family Successfully with Chris Stubbs

Bring your notebooks and watercolor supplies if you want to paint while Chris demonstrates.

Paint and Collage Like Picasso with Jean Lea

Create your own cubist work based on a self-portrait, pet portrait, sill life, landscape, or non-representational. Use discarded paintings as collage material to add texture and depth or simply draw or paint directly with the medium(s) of your choice. Bring your painting supplies and work in the medium of your choice (watercolors, pencils, crayons, acrylics, collage materials, etc.) on your chosen surface (paper, board, or canvas).

Enliven With Line! with Kim Smith

Bring one or two paintings you are not yet happy with and we’ll have fun seeing where we can improve them using just the element of line. Kim will provide assorted tools for you to try or you can bring some of your own too. Water will be available.

Paint Out – City Painting on the Spot with Steve Kleier

Bring a sketchbook or paint kit to follow along or just watch and enjoy the process.

Create Brilliant Watercolor Effects Using Unusual Papers with Susan Spears

Please bring 2 quarter sheets of watercolor paper, your usual paints and brushes, plus black watercolor or gouache, water containers, paper towels, and your other supplies.

Can You Simplify? with Peggy Stermer-Cox

This is a “hands-on” session using your own drawing supplies. Bring pencil or pen and drawing paper (5” x 7” or whatever is easy and comfortable to use; bond paper and clip board would work).

Paint Out at Minto-Brown Island Park with Sandra Pearce

Bring a sketchbook or paint kit to follow along or just watch and enjoy the process.

Color, Application, and Technique with Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor with Amanda C. Sweet

All materials provided.

Pouring: Making Luminous Watercolors by Layered Masking with Jenny Armitage

Lecture; no supplies needed.

Color Confidential with Beth Verheyden and Ruth Armitage

Lecture; no supplies needed.

Stronger Design: Before, After and MORE! with Linda Rothchild Ollis

Lecture; no supplies needed.