Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. The Board of Directors is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate Past President, and six Members-At-Large who are elected by the Voting Members. The term of office for President and Vice President is one year. All other elected Board members hold office for a term of two years. A board member may be reelected without limitation on the number of terms she/he may serve. The Board is elected by the members at the annual Fall membership meeting.


 The 2017 board.

Executive Board

  • President: Kathryn Damon-Dawson
  • Vice President / President Elect: Beth Verheyden
  • Secretary: Amanda James
  • Treasurer / Finance Council: Peg Patterson
  • Past President / Nominating Council: Rob Robinson

Board Members at Large

  • Membership Council / New Members: Mila Raphael
    • New Member Liaison: Sarah Bouwsma and Liz Walker
  • Administrative Council: Tupper Malone
    • Historian: Alisha Whitman
    • Logo Items: Sharon Hansen and Nan Newell
    • Slide/Video/DVD Library: Mojdeh Bahar
    • Stationery: Pamela Haunschild
  • Publications Council: Paul Bourgault
    • Watermark: Paul Bourgault
    • Prospectus: Paul Bourgault
    • Exhibition Catalog: Paul Bourgault
    • Newsletter Editor: Sue Anne Seckora
    • Website: Pat Farr
  • Convention Council: Anji Grainger
    • Exhibition Tours: Sandy Wood
    • Exhibition Locations: Zsuzsanna Vamos
    • Show Juror Liaison: Jennie Chen
    • Online Entry Coordinator: Suzi Blaisdell
    • Convention Registration: Barb Sulek
  • Awards Council: Ruth Armitage
    • Awards: Sandy Evans
    • Merit Awards: Becky Meier
    • WSO 100 Club: Geoffrey McCormack
  • Education Council and Regional Critique Groups: Margaret Godfrey
    • Education Workshops: Chris Stubbs